Last updated at 26th February 2020

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions seek to set forth the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the company and the users and other matters required for using the service of RedKiwi, a study application provided by HayanMind (referred to hereinafter as “the company”) through mobile appliances, incidental network, website, and other services.

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

① The terms used in these terms and conditions shall be defined as follows:

2.1 “RedKiwi” shall refer to the application that helps the “members” learn foreign languages using animation, voice, text, image, etc. disclosed online (referred to hereinafter as “RedKiwi” or “the service” depending on the context).

2.2 “Members” shall mean the users who use the “service” by signing a service contract with the “company.”

2.3 “Temporary members” shall mean those who use only part of the service provided by the subject person by providing only limited personal information.

2.4 “Mobile appliances” shall mean appliances by which contents are downloaded or used by installing them, including portable phones and smartphones, PDAs, and tablet PCs.

2.5 “Account information” shall collectively mean the information provided by the members — including their member code, external account, appliances, nickname, and profile photo–and their use of the services (details of learning, access hours, etc.) as well as information concerning the payment of the service bills.

2.6 “Contents” shall mean all of the contents provided by the company to the members for the service (including, but not limited to, text, voice, video clips, and network services).

2.7 “Open contents” shall mean the contents disclosed to the public free of charge or along with ad materials from the text, voice, video clips, and images included in the contents provided by the company.

2.8 “Applications” shall mean all of the programs downloaded or installed on a mobile appliance to use the service provided by the company.

② The terms used in these terms and conditions shall be defined as set forth in the relevant statutes and service policies unless otherwise stipulated in Paragraph 1 of this Article. Terms other than those set forth shall follow generally established business practices.

Article 3 (Display and amendment of terms and conditions)

3.1 The company shall display these terms and conditions and the personal information handling policy on the initial screen of the services so that the members may easily check them.

3.2 The company may amend these terms and conditions within the extent that does not violate the relevant statutes as required, including the Act on the Regulation of the Terms and Conditions and the Act on the Promotion of ICT Network Service and Protection of Information.

3.3 To amend these terms and conditions, the company shall announce the application date and items to be amended seven days before the application date. When the proposed amendments are unfavorable or disadvantageous to the members, however, the company shall notify the members individually by e-mail or SMS and by announcing them through the service 30 days before the application date.

3.4 The members shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended terms and conditions if they fail to express their refusal specifically to the clear announcement or notification stating that the members shall be deemed to have expressed their agreement to the proposed amendment if they fail to express their agreement within 30 days of the date the proposed amendments are announced or notified pursuant to the foregoing article.